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The smell of disinfectant and blood was almost as loud as the sound of wheels rolling. I could tell there was a cart heading my way, and from the chain on my bloody ankle and my dislocated arm, I also knew that there wasn’t going to be some nice nurse who cared about my health waiting to take care of my wounds. The fact stands that this wasn’t the regular hospital: No, what this was was the basement of a castle… These walls carry so many years of decay it was hard to breathe and not just for me; you could tell no life form of my type had ever lived here.

The handles of the doors was different, and they held a bluish pink light, a color that i had never seen combined in my world, a material that didn’t exist or make any sense. I could also tell the by the way everyone protected themselves with tube like masks, similar to a space suit. I knew it would take a miracle; and, lord  knows I didn’t have time for a prayer

“Where am I?” I screamed although I couldn’t hear my own voice… It was as if my throat didn’t work in this climate or as if my tongue didn’t exist. All I could think about is was this my after life? Is this Hell. Or am I abducted by aliens. None of it made any sense.

The aroma of fried chicken ignited my nose like it was right there in the room with me, and the constant sight of all the people from my beloved pass that I barely could make out from the tears dripping, the things they stuffed in my coat and something cold and steel that my brother, who was the only one not crying, put inside my jacket…

“Stay strapped, bro” he said. “God I will miss him!”

“Do you know why you are here, Reil?” a trembling shook the ground as the voice echoed through the air.

This was no normal tremble, this was worst then the minute earth quakes that annually took my fair market value down, but didn’t cause any damage and the robotic nurses didn’t break stride.

“No” I yell. still not audible to my ear but obviously to the voice, as if he was talking directly to my brain, but robotic like a GPS, or a voice mail… Even without, It only took seconds to comprehend that I no longer owned myself, I just wanted to turn off the lights and couldn’t because of the nurse blaring the small pointed flashlight down my eyes.

Once I realized where I was my skin crawled down to my toes, which curled so hard that my eyes seemed to be leveled with them. The simple sight of my old feet made me panic. I shook the bed as hard as I could, and screamed at the top of my lungs! Nothing else would emerge except the strain after a sound; it was still ringing in my ears.

“Do you know what must proceed hear Riel?” The sound of the voice made the old brick chips crumble from the corroded walls the nurses injected me with a thick slim solution before I could answer.  My body jerked as someone just hit my chest with a defibrillator trying to bring shot wound.

“Whats going on?” I ask the voice.

“You have a choice!” The voice screamed making it hard to breathe. “I gave you life, I gave you gift, and I will take you from this life. You just seen Hell!”

“I don’t want Hell!” I screamed.

“Give your life to me.”

“I am yours. You are my God My Lord My Salvation. I live for you and through your son Jesus Christ I am able to live in Sin. Forgive me Lord. I give up. I can’t win this battle.”

“Then you are saved!” The voice said just as I woke up in my 1million dollar home next to my beautiful wife Jameela, our baby boy in-between us…

“Baby are you ok?” Jameela asked me. “You were tossing and turning in your sleep.” to be continued.