• I write on a Mac Book Air 11.
  • I usually carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, so having a small light weight Mac is ideal for me.
  • I play music usually on head phones off of my head; however, I frequently put them on when a song I like plays.
  • I am reading: Mastery by: Robert Greene; Another Country by: James Baldwin.
  • I read a little everyday, and my word goal is 2000 words a day when I am writing.
  • I keep a vision board and copies of my titles laying around for inspiration.


New York City

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ImageAs I walk these same streets I ask myself how am I going to make it in this jungle? Everyone looks at me like a homeless or none the less, not here. I wonder where these people sleep? What do they call home? How much a night do they pay to never own a piece of this never ending story? Then the question that haunts my dreams is will be able to earn my keep? Will I be strong enough to weather this storm? Will I figure this out? Yes!

Strolling through the mall and looks like “The Son of the Streets” is restocked! Come get one today!


Howard did his thing #BBQCHICKEN #THESONOFTHESTREETS #alookinthemirror



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The Son of the Streets

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20140418-103926.jpg just strolling through Barnes and noble and seen my book on shelf… What a feeling!


Author and the bus!

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Here it is April 15, 2014 and it’s only 30 degrees out, my ears are frost bite, which made the mile or so my lady and I walked to catch this late bus horrible. She is a trooper, much more then I can admit for my self. I am used to posh, clean, rush, now, so walking on the soles of my Aldo loafers, my skin tight jeans, my cashmere sweater under my tight fitted jean jacket; not to mention, hauling my Mac Book Air, a couple copies of “the son of the streets” wow! What a day?
How could the sun have the nerve to show his face on a day like today? Why am I on this bus? I haven’t seen Sherry Newsome in 20 years, it was good to see her. I remember this one guy from years ago too, we didn’t see eye to eye then, but now he gave me the simple nod of approval. The simple letting go of bygones.


My Struggle with Parenting

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I am the proud father of 5 children; however, they are by 5 women. The funny thing is that when I was growing up and living my book “The Son of the Streets” I never would have thought of the struggle of raising five children spread out so thin and all over the US. My father has 5 children: two in wed lock three out of wedlock, so he would understand my struggles better then myself, only thing is at 34 years old we still don’t have a relationship. I have relationships with all of my children. Maybe not as strong as I could, which I am working on, but I have relationships with all of my children and there mothers. I talk with my best man who is married to his first love, they have two beautiful children boy and girl, I love them dearly. He knows about parenting and about sacrificing. He says it plain and simple, “It time versus money.” Hearing my friend say this to me was an eye opener, because every year I come through like super dad on Christmas and birthdays, and take away from the other 360 days of the year, the teach parent conferences, the sick nights, the heart aches, the puberty, the homework, the sports, the growth of the children. My children love me and are proud of me as I am of them. They are all smart and game tight. They are all spoiled and I been spoiling them they whole lives.  My birthday was 4/6/80-4/6/14 so I tried to get all of my children together missing one, Terion 9. I had my other 4 children, my son was driving, the girls all holding hands, and can you believe that it was the first time I ever had 4 of my kids at once and I still have never had all 5. This was an amazing experience I loved it. They wanted Dave n Busters or Chuckie Cheese or skating, but guess what we did? We went to see my mother and my grandmothers, and they had even more fun. It was by far the best birthday ever!Image I love you all!

A Look in the Mirror

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A Look in the Mirror

A Look in the Mirror

My new book is about be published by Author House and I am very excited and happy with results…

Almost a week went by until I stepped foot into St. Andrews. I felt so out of control of my life, and from the looks of my son, Malcom couldn’t be happier. 

Today service was a funeral for a young child from the neighborhood that our church was located in. The boys mother Margeret was a member of the church her whole life, and her mother was a sunday school teacher. The boys name was Aaron. He was 16 and went to school with Malcom. 

The crowd was full of young thugs, and tshirts with little Aarons face all over them. Little Aaron was shot twice, once in the face once in the chest, so Alfords funeral home did what they could to accommodate the body, but the make up made me tear up. 

“Deuteronomy 31:13 says,” I said quoting the word. this message was for the youth and no matter if only one of the 2000 kids attending can hear the word I did my job. No one was paying me attention, so I spoke up. “And that their children, which have not know any thing, may hear, and learn to fear the Lord your God, as long as ye live in the land whiter ye go over Jordan to posses it.” 

All faces where on me, mostly the older people and none of the t-shirts. They wanted revenge, and I could feel it. Malcom, must have to because he jumped to his feet, causing me to instantly slide away. Malcom, slammed his hand on the podium and yelled, “Vengance is the Lords!”

Hearing my son yelling into the crowd stopped everyone of the young gangsters in they tracks. They all looked at each other then to my son. He had their attention. They felt him. He was one of them.