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Even when I’m in pain,

Tears running from my eyes;

Tired of the world,

All of its wicked highs;


I’m terrified of everyone,

Every last thing;

When I’m tired of trying to control,

Whatever my future might bring;


I know that when the sun shines,

In on my face so bright;

That my angel will be holding me,

Holding on to me just right;


So that I feel the love he has,

Leaving his heart for me;

Lost in each others eyes,

Wondering how this love came to be;


I’ve never thought of a guy,

I don’t think you understand;

So much, all the time more,

Then you could stand;


Never has anyone,

Walked into my life;

Told me her belonged to me,

And that he divorced his wife;


Because he believes that a lifetime with me,

Is more that a dream;

Its reality.


Rachel A. Morrow