Lesson 7: Capitalizing on Self-Publishing

Posted: July 19, 2014 in How to Capitalize on Self-Publishing
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Unconventional Sales

This is one of the lessons that I think propelled my career in the first place. Without the lessons I learned from other self-publishers, I doubt I would be in Barnes and Noble today. You must create unconventional sales if you want to make a living selling books.

This lesson is actually one that I took from my street life, which I think gives me a slight edge over today’s market. I have my license to sell or should I say hustle my books legally in NYC. This is a very humbling experience because people actually judge your book, your character, and your approach. These people are shopping and traveling, most of them not even readers and may never read the book, but they usually will support the hustle in you and purchase the book when you show passion. This is great because you not only keep 100% of the money, you also create a buzz. This buzz can carry you into bookstores and bring ebook sales as well as physical copies.

This is one of many unconventional approaches that I took with “The Son of the Streets” I also approached beauty shops, barber shops, any place where people are sitting waiting. I donate books to doctors offices, libraries and it always brings fruit in the end. It brings a huge smile on my face when I run into someone and they tell me they brought one of my books in some place that books aren’t even sold.

Anyone have any unconventional approaches that they took? Anything you did to generate sales outside of the books stores would be unconventional. Example of my favorite unconventional sale is baby showers! Women buy books at showers almost all of them will. Advice from the wise!

Terrence Baker 7-20-14


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  2. Trisha Ann says:

    Wow! Such an inspiration


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