My Struggle with Parenting

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am the proud father of 5 children; however, they are by 5 women. The funny thing is that when I was growing up and living my book “The Son of the Streets” I never would have thought of the struggle of raising five children spread out so thin and all over the US. My father has 5 children: two in wed lock three out of wedlock, so he would understand my struggles better then myself, only thing is at 34 years old we still don’t have a relationship. I have relationships with all of my children. Maybe not as strong as I could, which I am working on, but I have relationships with all of my children and there mothers. I talk with my best man who is married to his first love, they have two beautiful children boy and girl, I love them dearly. He knows about parenting and about sacrificing. He says it plain and simple, “It time versus money.” Hearing my friend say this to me was an eye opener, because every year I come through like super dad on Christmas and birthdays, and take away from the other 360 days of the year, the teach parent conferences, the sick nights, the heart aches, the puberty, the homework, the sports, the growth of the children. My children love me and are proud of me as I am of them. They are all smart and game tight. They are all spoiled and I been spoiling them they whole lives.  My birthday was 4/6/80-4/6/14 so I tried to get all of my children together missing one, Terion 9. I had my other 4 children, my son was driving, the girls all holding hands, and can you believe that it was the first time I ever had 4 of my kids at once and I still have never had all 5. This was an amazing experience I loved it. They wanted Dave n Busters or Chuckie Cheese or skating, but guess what we did? We went to see my mother and my grandmothers, and they had even more fun. It was by far the best birthday ever!Image I love you all!

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