insert chapter 2: “Fighting my Demons”

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Fighting my Demons
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I hadn’t come home that night after church. Maria understood me, and even after 17 years, a few extra pounds and crows feet, she is still my loyal friend and confidant. The fact that she doesn’t list to or want to hear anything about my church, made it easier to be myself around her. I always regular slacks and sneakers even at times when around her; I also keep a change of clothes in her townhouse up state so that after the 2.5 hour drive, I could kick back into my doubled life.

“Where have you been?” Jameela screamed at me visible shaken. “I want him out of this house!”

“Shhh!” I said trying to embrace her.

She jerked away, and said, “Your son got into the bed with me naked, Micheal.”

“What do you mean?” I asked but didn’t hear my words coming out. Before she could answer me I took the spiral stair case up to his room. The door was locked. “Open up this door, Malcom”

“Micheal! Wait!” Jameela screamed in my wake.

The door opened up, and no sooner did it, did I cross my now 15 year old in the face. Another right to the stomach, which folded him into  two, then I finished him off with a uppercut. “Boy I will kill you in this house!” I yelled standing over my son, my wife behind me, pulling at me, causing the normal reaction of a hostile man. I pushed her back and she hit her head on the door fame and fell out cold.

“Dad!” he crawled back from me with eyes squinting. “Don’t  kill me!” Malcom, yelled through his muffled cries and grunts. “She is evil! I am your son! I am Gods son!”

The words pierced my ears like a loud m80 going off inside a car. I had done that once and thought death would follow. These words sounded the same. too be continued…

Terrence LeRoy Baker 3-24-14

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