LESSON 4: Capitalizing on self publishing!

Posted: March 21, 2014 in How to Capitalize on Self-Publishing
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Book reviews:

Target small news papers first! Then with there references move forward!

Writing is a business like no other and any business owner will tell you that you have to network to make money. The reference game is the best promo you as a author has! There is no greater feeling then your name and book being in everyone’s mouths…

Make sure you say local when contacting papers. Now that goes far and wide. Being local could mean your from the east coast or like my self mid west. Being from a small town like south bend is not the place for a author, so I make sure to associate myself with the local college (#NotreDame) when I call places and they ask where I am located. This may not sound important but if your not in New York City you will never be taken serious as a starting writer, so make sure you act like you know you need they help to sell…

Now this is where it gets tricky. No review mag or literary mag will review a book with a cover on it. This makes sense to if you think about it, because no one wants to read your book or waist there time, so if you are getting a review from them, they want it to show up in the book or on the cover of the book if there respected like publishers weekly or the southern review, so when dealing with self publishers make sure you get manuscript emailed to you after editing is done and before you put the cover on. This is vital for appearing in Barnes and Noble and books a million. My book “The Son of the Streets” is in Barnes and Noble but they only carry it because my distribution deal with bookmasters, until then they would never and walmart or target would never. Now if I had all the great reviews I have recieve from the NAACP and many other respected sources which, would typically be placed in my next title as praise for the author. Now I am a publisher too, so I am reaching out to the self publisher in you and want you to capitalize on your self publishing experience…


  1. Ok thanks… I should have an editor edit my post but I am giving away free advice just like you so thanks again and please do force yourself to read on! God bless you…


  2. Very nice website and very professional… I agree with your approach… I always remind people that I am a natural writer, self educated, and I own my publishing company. I am not self published! It’s a big difference, as I am sure you know. I can appreciate all advice and from now on I will professionally edit all my post. Thanks, I know how too just be rushing and writing what comes to mind.


  3. Another thing I read that you are not supposed to blog edited because it’s less personal? Any advice on that? Just new to it and want to get it right… Please and thank you.


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