insert Chapter 2 “Fighting my Demons”

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Fighting my Demons
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It’s now been seven years since the day my “illegitimate” son took over my congregation. I say took over because that is literally what he did. Malcom had true natural talent. He was my son and my direct descendant. Lil Anthony was now 7 and Jameela also came to church with us every Sunday. Everyone seemed to come to church not for me, but for that last 15-20 minutes that my son, now a deacon would preach.

“Malcom,” I asked my son who now lives with Jameela and myself. His mother couldn’t take another one of us, she saw it coming. “Where is my diamond cuff links?”

“I’m wearing them today!”

“Excuse me!” I asked him. His back was to me as he used my dressing closer to get dressed in one of the many suits if mines that he claims as his own.

“I said I am wearing them rev.”

“Don’t you with me, Malcom,” I snapped firmly. “This is my house and you will respect me!”

Malcom slowly faced me, silent for the most part, then out of nowhere, he brung his hand up to my face, causing me to flench. With a chuckle her turned and left the room with my cuff links on.
The ride to church was different, hearing the choir through the open stained windows made me want to run my c300 into the side of St. Andrews, the church I was raised in, the church my family was raised in, and the church that enabled me.

“Rev,” Malcom said standing up and getting a standing ovation. “I think I can take over first then you can have the few minutes at the end that you been pacifying me with.”

“You!” To be continued..

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