Writers Digest, The Writer, Publishers Weekly

Posted: March 12, 2014 in How to Capitalize on Self-Publishing
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If you want to be a writer you must indulge in the literary world… I am possessed with these three literary mags…
Writers Digest: my favorite because of the work shops and lessons helped me become the writer I am today. I HONESTLY believe that you can get just as much from there work shops as you would any retreat.
The Writer: is my second but not but a long shot. There How I write article in the back of the mag is so personal to other writers and very inspirational. This is also the only mag I read from front to back sometimes twice. It’s fun hip and user friendly if you get my drift…
PW: is very important to me because I am also a publisher as well as a writer and this mag keeps you up to date on trending titles and genres, merges (author house, penguin group, random house) which lead me to my publishing deal with this power house. This is vital to the self publisher as well because it gives recognition to small companies that could make a huge impact in your sales…

Terrence Baker


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