Building Strong Social Media Platform For Titles!

Posted: March 11, 2014 in How to Capitalize on Self-Publishing
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STEP 1: Create a Facebook and Twitter account under your pen name or real name if the same. (MY FACE BOOK IS UNDER ALIS NAME “Indiana Slim”)

STEP 2: once you have an account with Facebook and Twitter you have the foundation for the branding platform or your title, website, social media networks, blog, etc… The reason I am saying those two sites, is because once you have them every other social media outlet will allow you to promote directy to audiences outside your fan base by accessing a account via your Facebook or Twitter account by the push of a button… Not to mention most blogs and post in differnt forums will allow you to share articles and things via Facebook and Twitter which will be the beginning of your platform… (Always use clip art of your title on your accounts to be less personal to the audiences you target…. It’s okay to change up pics Engage fans, but the main focus is your product which is your titles old and new…

STEP 3: Set up your blog domain name the title as well, so that every time you post a entry it will go into the social media as well as the literary media which will lead to sales and feedback on blog post so that you know which topics get the most attention… This helps you with the use of #teamhashtag tags SEO codes…

Follow my blog where I get more into dept with my HOW TO CAPITALIZE ON SELF PUBLISHING, where I will give free advice via blog entries or contact me and I can discuss services that I can provide to help guide your social media platform into the right direction…

Terrence Baker
CEO /publisher
Incarcerated Minds

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