One of the first and most formidable issues that you will have in your publishing endeavors: either self published or traditional publishing, is branding. The thing that most new coming writers come into this industry under the assumption that if you self publish your responsible for the success of the book and if you traditional publish you don’t have anything to worry about except writing more books and enjoying pina coladas on the beach, but your so very wrong. The same rule of thumb apply with either publishing channel you explore: you need a strong social media platform…

Since this is one of my stronger points I would like to first start by saying that Social Media can be used to market your books. Social Media networks link to your blog and other writing channels and create discovery and sales, so how do you successfully utilize a social media platform and still stay private? My answer to this is plain and simple the use a pseudonym or “alias” name.

When I started my Facebook page I knew I didn’t want a bunch of people contacting me for drinks and dates so I made my page under the pseudonym “Indiana Slim” which was the single smartest thing I did because I was able to build my platform and get noticed off my material instead of my name. Facebook is my favorite of all now because the technology on their site gives you the opportunity to run real live promotions that look good and are consumer friendly… You can sponsor and promote your work right on Facebook and set up your book its own page like I did with my book “The Son of the Streets” they give me live feed back of costumer engagement and offer me options to pay for additional promotions to people outside my demographic area…

Just having a Social Media platform doesn’t guarantee success. I recommend sending out group request at writing groups via Facebook. I am with Writing Friends its a great group full of writers that love writers. You can go even further and start you own book club for you book all on Once you have Facebook you can access all other Social Media networks with the same info so start with Facebook and then move to twitter and linkedin.

Remember no matter if you Self Publish or Traditional Publish the result of the buzz ultimately falls on you. Don’t be afraid to expand and even use a pseudonym to keep your name out of they faces long enough to make a sale. JK Rolling been doing it for years she writes under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith for her mystery novels? If she can still sell books posing as a man then you can change your name and get that social media platform going.

Any questions?

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