My Struggle with Health

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

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The Struggle Blog

Today is the day to care… Life is so precious, but abused can be lived in peril. My unhealthy eating and living habits had me admitted and I didn’t know anything was wrong with me. I developed an intestinal virus that I was unaware of; that i may have live with for years without knowing. I was so busy enjoy today and not living for tomorrow that my sudden gain of weight seem warranted. The back pains seem normal because of the weight gain, and the lack of sleep and irritable attitude too… The truth is I was miserable and in need of medical attention.

I wanted to share this with the world because it changed my life. This was that pivotal plot point in my life when the story took a turn only this will become a happy ending now that I took the initiative to go get checked…

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