Lesson one on self publishing

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

The first thing I will say about this subject is that publishing no matter how it’s done is a beautiful thing. It changed my life in a way I couldn’t have imagined before, and because of the self publishing outlets available I will be releasing my second of two books with my first self publisher.
I published my first book “The Son of the Streets” myself. It is not the same as self publishing because you have to control every aspect of the publishing process: including but not limited to editing cost, cover design cost, isbn and bar code registrations, printing, marketing, etc… I could go on and on… As you can guess the book didn’t go too well…
Still available on the market 6 years later with very modest sales up to this point. It lacks professional editing, cover, typesetting, and marketing, but it’s selling now finally…
I didn’t stop there, but waited to publish the next of many novels to come. I was scared to go that road again, but I have something to say and want the world to hear me.
My solution was self publishing… Not only will I be able to deal with a self publisher better due to my understanding of the business, I can appreciate having help with these next more commercial books…
Weigh in your options before you let the negativity about self publishing push that book of yours back forever to go unpublished… If you want help understanding how to have a successful relationship with your self publisher I will mentor on the subject via my blog… Contact me!

Terrence LeRoy Baker
Author of “the son of the streets”

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  2. Bobby Ellis says:

    Hello Leroy,
    Excuse my attention to detail but … I have discovered so many errors – spelling and grammar in the “lessons” ahead that I am wondering if I am being tested. I am a writer who is in need of advice. I searched and found publishing lessons etc. but also find that a writer, giving writing tips, uses wrong words … “then” instead of “than” and a number of others. Sorry to bring this to your attention but I need to feel to be safely on the arm of someone I may learn from. I am sure you are that person but for me, confidence in my master is rather important. Bobby Ellis.


    • Bobby,
      Thanks so much for this feedback. I can honestly that I am not the best at editing and that I write this stuff from my head, which at times I get so into the message that I forget the importance of impressions… All I can promise is that I will continue to pour out and that I am willing take on editorial help… Feel free to point out
      Any corrections and I will be glad to change them and if your willing to help me with this I am willing to work with you?
      Thanks again!


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