The Evolution of Self Publishing

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Everything evolves… Its just as simply as that. No Mountain will retain its shape because the wind and the rain will constantly reshape the surfaces, such is life… The human mind has evolved to unheard of heights, which in turn, is the result of the spoken word, now the written one… The writing industry is evolving again right in front of our faces, which hasn’t happened since the 15th century, when there was an evaluation of poets… This is a new day when any and everyone can be heard, sometimes at a price: self-publishing, but none the less. The merits of your writing alone won’t guarantee success, nor will a shiny contract at a big house. Today there is a free outlet for words via social media,  where you can be discovered if your lucky; however, that discovery alone won’t guarantee any more success then self publishing.  Today is the day to evolve with the times… Today is the day to self publish… Join my blog “How to capitalize on self publishing” where I give advice and mentoring on how to make the best of your self publishing experience….

Terrence LeRoy Baker

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