Creating a Buzz?

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

This industry has done a complete 360 since my first publication in 2008… There was no social media presence other the myspace and authors den, and they didn’t offer half the services available today… I was lucky, because today in order to create a buzz you have to annoy everyone in the industry via social media, and even then you will be blocked from forums more then you will get positive feedback… When I first published there was a sort of commitment we as writes had to each other to help move the literary bar, so that more readers are aware of the great reads and possible new voices that so many of us have that will never be heard do to negativity this new wave of writers have embraced…. The problem with creating a buzz today is that it’s no longer the readers that judge our merits: its you, me, the writer thats placing judgment on each other and holding each other back from a potential sell, business opportunity, or mentoring and help… We the writer must create the buzz! You must place a beacon high in the sky to direct traffic you’re writing…

Terrence LeRoy Baker


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