The Struggle

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I thought of a lot of names to come up with for my first blog and “The Struggle” was the first that comes to mind… You may feel the same way and even if life is full of bliss for you at the present you too have felt that word as well… Its something that we all have in common, its what propels us forward in our careers and gives us the courage to chase our dreams and then walk away when its not working instead of standing the test of time…

My name is Terrence Baker and I am a struggling author… I don’t even know why or where my career came from its like it just popped into my life and some small part of success that came with it… I bet most people would say that success would mean I make tons of money which is by far the truth or that I’ve sold a best seller which would mean the latter… No I am waging my small amount of success to the fact that I accomplished something in life and for some thats as successful as it gets because of lifes everyday struggles…

What are your struggles what would be the one thing in your life that you struggle with? Share with us and you will be anonymous…

The Son of the Streets by: Terrence Baker

My first book of many!

My first book of many!

me sitting on top of 2000 copies of my book...

me sitting on top of 2000 copies of my book…

  1. Quiesy says:

    Proud of u bro I can say u doing what needs to be done. Luv ya


  2. Alice Maxwell says:

    Wow, big bro! So proud of you. Need a copy of your book ASAP! You and Rob have came a long way in the 12+ years I’ve known y’all and I am so proud of the Men y’all have become. Keep pushing forward toward your goals. Love Ya!


  3. Charra says:

    Way to go Terry. Everyone has their story to tell. I’m glad you put yours on paper. Blessed Be…


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